Plan your perfect outing with our ‘As Directed’ service.

Don’t postpone marking special occasions – or just celebrating in general – simply because nothing feels familiar. The trick is to get creative and use the current restrictions not as LIMITATIONS, but as OPPORTUNITIES to try something different. With our ‘As Directed’ service, you can plan a multi-destination outing that can become a day of both excitement and escape. If happiness is immediately accessible, why wait?

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Matt Marcus

(Transcript) The Blind Spot: EPISODE 12 | Pivoting in Life and Business with Matt Marcus of Three Kings Tattoo

I literally never met Matt Marcus (Matty No Times) before we sat down for this interview, but he is immediately my brother. Such a like-minded conversation about being a business owner before, during, and potentially after the pandemic. We’re coming from opposite sides of the country and operating in completely different industries, but we dug into so many topics that have touched both of our lives and which I hope will resonate with you as well.

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Yes, stress-free air travel is still possible.

Private aviation shines like a beacon of light in the currently murky world of air travel. From schedule flexibility, direct routes, and lack of crowded terminals or security lines, to the newly important distancing from anyone outside of your ‘quaran-team,’ or the simple ability to remove your mask and have a refreshment en route. It’s estimated that there are an average of 700 points-of-contact with other people and objects during a commercial flight, and between 20 and 30 when flying privately. Thus private charter offers a dramatic reduction in potential for exposure, as well as relief from the emotional turmoil of the commercial airline experience.

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REROUTING: Kitchen Gadgets

Our REROUTING series is focused on items, ideas and experiences that can come to you, while moving about still feels uncertain. Restaurant dining is complicated right now, but you can update your home kitchen with new tools to make eating in more interesting. If we can’t take you out in person, let us share the world with you in a different way.

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In pursuit of nature, close to home.

Vacationing close to home can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and there’s no better time to explore the reaches of our very own United States. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a few recommendations for destinations that could qualify as both ‘nearby’ and ‘novel,’ with an emphasis on solitude and the great outdoors.

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Remote Teams

Are remote teams the future of business?

How adaptable is your company when it comes to surviving in this changing marketplace? With a 100% remote team at UrbanBCN Worldwide, CEO Dave Uziel shares his top 3 tips for anyone considering diversifying their business model.

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