There are three ways to book with us: via email, by texting +1 415 494 8122, or by filling out the online reservation form here on our website.

You can always call the same number to speak in person with a member of our team, but we do not take reservations over the phone. 

Each trip is built specifically around our client, meaning you won’t be asked to agree to a ‘standard’ package that perhaps includes details that don’t apply to you, or doesn’t encompass your personalized needs. Your reservation will be uniquely your own.

On the day of your trip, your driver information is provided 2 hours prior to pick-up, meaning we’ll share their name and cell phone number with you for ease of communication. They will also have your best contact method.

Our internal team provides 24-hour customer service, tracking, and communication, so we are always right here if you need any assistance. 

In addition to clear communication, prompt arrivals, and impeccable professionalism, our entire fleet consists of late-model executive and luxury vehicles, meaning you will always be traveling in comfort and style. 

You can expect your chauffeur to be masked, per our continuing Covid safety protocols, and they will always assist you in whatever manner is appropriate, whether that be luggage handling, getting to and from the vehicle, coordinating vehicle logistics, and whatever other needs you may have. 

Bottled water and WiFi access are standard in all our vehicles.

We are always happy to accommodate your personalized requests. We can arrange beverage and snack options, provide additional amenities like reading material or pet treats, and of course have car seats and boosters available for any children who maybe be traveling with you.

NOTE: Due to federal regulations, parents must personally install the provided car seat or booster into the vehicle at pick-up.

Any fees associated with enhancing your experience with us should be discussed during the booking process – simply communicate your requests in advance with your reservation specialist and they will be built directly into your transportation package. 

The Urban Worldwide customer service is second-to-none, specifically when it comes to communication. Whereas many transportation services use a third-party answering service overnight, someone from our dedicated team of professionals is available to you at all times, 24-hours a day, meaning you will never receive less than the most attentive and professional service from someone who is fully familiar with your personalized reservation. 

We are a family-owned, private company with over 40 years of experience, and make a point to balance the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained from the past with innovation for the future. This is evident in our modern, late-model fleet, push toward green energy solutions by employing several electric vehicles, and the sophisticated booking and tracking technology we use to guarantee that every detail of every trip is accounted for, always. 

And one of the things we are most proud of is our proactive position on meeting every request if it is feasibly possible. We have a ‘make it happen’ approach that we’ve cultivated by operating a streamlined and highly skilled team who are capable of rising to the occasion and managing logistics that seem unmanageable. We dislike saying no, and our willingness to show up for our clients is one of the reasons we’ve been able to maintain decades-long relationships with so many of you.


To provide an accurate quote, please provide as much detail as possible like, date/time, # of passengers, vehicle type, and as much info about the itinerary. Thanks again for taking the time.

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