Anxiety Around Travel Right Now (And How Private Transportation Can Help)

Traveling right now is stressful. There’s a lot of information, but it's hard to decide what the 'correct' choice might be. We're discussing a few of the most common fears people are experiencing, and how private transportation might just be the solution.

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Traveling right now is stressful. There’s a lot of information, but it remains difficult to know what the ‘correct’ choice is when deciding if and when and how to go … well, basically anywhere. 

That being said, there are a few common concerns that many people seem to share in this moment: 

  • Fear of ‘travel shaming.’ Friends, family, and even strangers potentially offering commentary or judgement around your personal travel choices feels extremely fraught. Many people who do choose to fly or take a road trip right now tell very few people, and avoid sharing on social media the way they usually might.
  • Fear of unwittingly spreading COVID-19 to other people. Oh the horror of discovering that you are an asymptomatic carrier, and have been circulating within your ‘bubble’ and exposing those close to you. This also comes up when considering the potential of contracting the virus en route to your destination, thus spreading it to those you see upon arrival.
  • Fear of unforeseen circumstances. What if you get on your flight, and someone else onboard refuses to abide by safety regulations, delaying the trip for everyone? What if you arrive at your destination and get stuck there due to sudden changes in travel mandates? What if you travel out into the world and discover that you are massively under-prepared for the circumstances you encounter there? The ‘what ifs’ of this moment can lead straight to travel paralysis.
  • Pressure to do things you’re not comfortable with. Requests from family members to attend a wedding. A grandparent’s 98th birthday party that you would be devastated to miss. An unavoidable work trip. So often your personal preferences and boundaries can come up against very real external demands that can’t exactly be ignored. 
  • Conflicting information. Travel recommendations sometimes appear to change overnight, and the whiplash can be exhausting. Safe? Unsafe? It seems to depend on who you ask week-to-week, with little clarity or direction.

The bigger truth here is that health and safety considerations are SO PERSONAL. What works for someone else doesn’t necessarily work for you — mentally, emotionally, physically — and vice versa. And beyond that, what most of us are longing for is the basic ability to make informed and proactive choices, especially after months of waiting for someone else to hand us a solution we’ve yet to receive. 

This is where our team comes in.

Most (if not ALL) of these anxieties could be alleviated by partnering with a private transportation service like UrbanBCN Worldwide.

When you’re traveling privately there’s little to no risk of exposure, especially now that we offer rapid tests for all of our chauffeurs and UrbanAir pilots. And the timelines will always be yours — no chance that someone else will throw off the balance of your experience.


  • How can anyone argue your choices if you’re making the safest ones possible?
  • What if you don’t need to have those late night conversations anymore, weighing the pros and cons of ‘taking the risk?’
  • What if visiting your parents for their 50th wedding anniversary is an option again, as is that weekend getaway you and your partner have been dying to take?
  • What if you can fly to the other side of the country for work and not be afraid to immediately kiss and hug your children when you arrive home again? 

Essentially, private transportation offers something we all need right now: an experience you can COUNT ON. Stable. Consistent.

Suddenly ‘predictable’ feels like the opposite of boring, it feels like salvation.

Setting up a dedicated transportation relationship with UrbanBCN takes the guesswork out of travel, and eliminates so many of the uncertainties that arise when considering public and commercial options. 

There is confirmed, scientific data suggesting that COVID-19 will become endemic and stay with us for years, if not forever. As the world is still coming to grips with this, and figuring out how to manage the transition into the future, how will you take control of your own experience?

Now is the time to streamline where you can, create peace of mind where you can, build structures of safety and stability for yourself, your family and your staff where you can. 

We’re ready when you are. 

Email us at info@urbanbcn.comcall +1 (415) 494-8122 or text +1 (877) 277-0208 to connect with someone from our team directly, 24 hours a day. 

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