Private vs. Commercial Airports

Private or commercial? Both are an option when flying private charter, but there are some differences between the two that are worth noting.

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Flying with a private aviation charter like UrbanAir offers benefits that arguably balance many potential concerns about the overall cost. One of the most remarkable aspects is the opportunity for flexibility and customization, as you, the client, are able to essentially call all the shots when it comes to designing your best experience.

One topic of discussion will inevitably be how to best serve you at both your point of take-off and your final destination — namely, which airport(s) would be the most effective for meeting your preferences. Both private and commercial airports are an option when flying via private charter, but there are some differences between the two that are worth noting: 


Private airports are usually smaller, meaning they can exist in more remote locations. This creates the opportunity for more direct flights, especially if you’re not flying from or into a major city where a commercial airport would most likely be operating (and thus would probably be the more appropriate choice). However, these smaller hubs can also prove more difficult to find and access, especially if you’re not working with a dedicated ground transportation team and are simply driving yourself or relying on friends or family for drop-off and pick-up assistance. 


Unlike private airports, which are often much more simple and stripped-down, commercial airports usually offer high-end lounges or VIP facilities for you to enjoy while you wait for your departure time. This can be an appealing option if for some reason your group will need to spend some time gathering prior to the flight, or if entertaining from the first moments of the journey is an important element of your experience. Meanwhile, at a private airport you can often enjoy the option of immediate ‘ramp access’ from your vehicle to your private jet, with little-to-no waiting between your arrival on the tarmac and official lift off. In the end, it becomes a discussion around your preferences and how you’d like to curate your charter. In either case, check-in and security procedures are minimal, lines are non-existent, and most, if not all, logistics are handled for you by your pilot and crew.


As with departure procedures, there will be some subtle differences between your private and commercial arrival experiences. Obviously everything at a high-density commercial airport will be a bit more time-consuming and involve more stringent protocols, though you won’t be sacrificing the luxury considerations that flying private charter affords you. Regardless of where you land, your transportation and baggage needs will be accommodated with the utmost care and in the most streamlined way possible, as guaranteed by your UrbanAir flight team, or otherwise.


Considering how to incorporate private aviation into your life? At UrbanAir, we are committed to building lasting and exceptional partnerships with our clients, and we are always available to discuss your options. Email or call +1 877-277-0208. You can also make an inquiry directly through our website.


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