What To Expect From A Private Aviation Experience

Private Aviation
Looking for the ultimate freedom, flexibility, convenience and comfort for literally every aspect of your trip? Let’s count the ways private aviation takes your experience to a whole new level ...

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Private aviation often seems like a luxury reserved for celebrities and the über-wealthy, but in reality the money can often work out to less than it would cost to fly commercial first class, especially if you have a larger group. When you factor in all the additional perks flying private offers, it’s worth a little extra consideration as to whether a relationship with a private aviation provider like UrbanAir might actually be right for you.

Looking for the ultimate freedom, flexibility, convenience and comfort for literally every aspect of your trip? Let’s count the ways private aviation takes your experience to a whole new level … 


Smaller jets mean potential access to smaller airports, which can translate to much more direct flights to your destination. Meanwhile, as long as the distance you’re traveling isn’t so great that you’ll need to stop and refuel, you’re always on a direct flight, with no connections or layovers (unless of course you’ve planned that into your itinerary). And if time isn’t perhaps your number one priority, you can even customize your flight route to optimize the view from above, as long as it complies with air traffic limitations, or even potentially change things up while you’re already enroute to explore a whim you hadn’t already planned for. Additionally you’ll save a huge amount of on-ground waiting with streamlined check-in and baggage handling procedures. Arriving the recommended 30 minutes prior to take off is obviously a distinct difference from the classic airport experience, plus you’ll navigate zero lines or security check points. 


Private jet seating is usually modular, meaning it can be rearranged to your preferences inside the cabin. Want an open seating area for your group to hang out in? No problem. Want a separate space for a baby to nap? Done. The accommodations are nearly always cushy, comfortable leather recliners or something similar, and frequently you’ll have the ability to request sleeping options for longer or overnight flights. 


High-end catering or private onboard chefs, accommodations for poker games, in-flight movie screenings, cocktail hour, or massages — almost anything you can think of to make your trip more enjoyable can be arranged. You calling all the shots means that your preferences, not those of a corporate airline entity, are at the forefront of the experience. Meanwhile, security regulations around what you can bring on your flight don’t apply in a private aviation setting, so bottles of alcohol, pets, and even things like firearms (with certain restrictions) are fair game. There is also, always, the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly who and what is on your flight, with no surprises or unexpected circumstances. 


Corporate travel takes on an entirely new edge when flying private, because everything about your flight is designed for maximum efficiency. Your jet can basically function as an airborne executive suite, with high speed wifi and a satellite flight phone. You’ll often be able to continue using your mobile devices for the entirety of the trip as well, as long as you’re not over the middle of the ocean. Ask your booking contact to arrange seating for meetings, presentations, or even semi-private work spaces. Desks, extra screens, projection capabilities — it’s all accessible to you if you need it. 


Private jets — and their pilots — are subject to all the same professional standards and safety and maintenance regulations as commercial airlines, and often make it their prerogative to be even more stringent. Additionally, private fleets usually consist of younger (i.e. newer) jets, and the crews assigned to each one — usually a pilot, co-pilot, and at least one flight attendant — are generally consistent to that aircraft, meaning they are extremely familiar with every aspect and detail they are managing. And of course, you can expect a level of consideration far above and beyond what you might expect on even the most gracious commercial flight. 


No lines and no red tape as you navigate customs and security. Generally the pilot and crew will handle all of this for you, though of course you’ll need to provide all the necessary ID’s and documents. Little to no baggage restrictions, as long as the items fit and the weight remains balanced. No screaming children, unless they are your own. These small things can add up to huge differences when you consider your experience overall. 

If you’ve never considered private aviation, it might be the perfect time to explore whether the benefits of flying on your own time with nothing but your most ideal preferences are appealing to you. At UrbanAir, we are committed to building lasting and exceptional partnerships with our clients, and we are always available to discuss your options.

Email air@urbanbcn.com or call +1 877-277-0208. You can also make an inquiry directly through our website.



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