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Don't postpone marking special occasions - or just celebrating in general - simply because nothing feels familiar. The trick is to get creative and use the current restrictions not as LIMITATIONS, but as OPPORTUNITIES to try something different. With our 'As Directed' service, you can plan a multi-destination outing that can become a day of both excitement and escape. If happiness is immediately accessible, why wait?

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We’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of not postponing happiness if there is a way to make it immediately accessible. If you’ve been putting off certain celebrations or experiences, how long are you willing to wait? And, why? Birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, and weddings are still happening in these weeks and months. Plus, we guarantee you’re due for a date night by now, and you’re probably missing time with your friends, right?
Rather than holding out for a time when things feel familiar again, why not get creative and use the current restrictions not as LIMITATIONS, but as OPPORTUNITIES to plan something different.
With our ‘As Directed’ service, your chauffeur is at your disposal to drive anywhere and everywhere you’d like to go, with no time constraints. This allows for a personalized and multi-destination outing that can be a day of both excitement and escape.
The beauty of a private, fully-attended vehicle is the ability to bring supplies, outfits, and even food and beverages for multiple occasions throughout the day, with no concerns about parking, directions, or other tedious logistics that take away from the pleasure of making memories with your loved ones. You’ll have the flexibility to explore experiences and follow your whims, plus if you want a quick catnap at some point along the journey you’ll be fully supported!
We’ve outlined a few scenarios that will hopefully inspire you to consider an ‘As Directed’ experience next time you’re looking for an adventure or a unique way to celebrate a special occasion. The linked suggestions are based in the California Bay Area, but we can always accommodate similar scheduling and ideas wherever you happen to be.

Want to plan a ROMANTIC OUTING with your significant other? Maybe that looks like an early morning helicopter or hot air balloon ride, followed by a picnic lunch in your favorite outdoor location, and then a sunset beach walk. Perhaps a champagne toast to round out the evening? You can keep the bottle on ice in your vehicle for just the right moment. As restaurants have made accommodations for COVID-19, many are offering previously unheard of to-go options that can feel like an entire gourmet meal in a box. Our Bay Area favorite is upscale, Italian-influenced Sorrel’s charcuterie-forward picnic pack, which includes a variety of spreads, pickled vegetables, bread, olives and cheese, plus a bottle of rosé.

You could also swap in a couples spa experience, or explore unique attractions close to home. Atlas Obscura’s Guide to The United States is a great resource for discovering unusual and interesting things about your own city or state that you might never have realized were there.
What about scaling up a bit and organizing a small GROUP ACTIVITY? Grab coffees and breakfast on your way to a horseback trail ride, kayaking excursion or a local hike, and then celebrate your energetic efforts with a wine tasting or beer crawl (as many destinations as you want to hit!) Once you’ve worked up an appetite, end with a reservation for outdoor dining at your favorite restaurant of choice. For breakfast on the go in San Francisco, Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen offers a ‘Brunch All Day’ 4-pack of sesame bagels, with family-style fixins for some seriously delicious lox sandwiches to get you hyped for the day’s adventures. 
There are, of course, always more extreme options for private group experiences, like sky-diving or hang-gliding, depending on how stir crazy you and your friends are feeling at this point.
If your quaran-team could use a FAMILY FRIENDLY ADVENTURE: we’re entering prime apple-picking season in many parts of the United States, plus several zoos and museums have reopened for limited guest visitation (make sure to get your tickets in advance.) You could also grab your favorite local sandwiches and hit a nearby national park, swimming hole, or natural wonder — a great way to remind the kids that there’s still a great big world out there, even if it doesn’t seem entirely available right now. 
Picnic meals are also great for a socially-distanced outdoor concert — obviously pay attention to regulations in your city, but more options like this are popping up all the time as we get a better handle on how to collectively stay safe and healthy
No matter what kind of day trip or celebration you’re dreaming of, our team is ready to co-create your perfect experience. Have questions or want to start planning? Call or text us any time at (415) 494-8122 or email Reservations are always available on our website, just choose ‘As Directed’ in the drop down menu of the form.

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