A welcome from our CEO, Dave Uziel

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These are strange times.

Each of us is dealing with our own versions of ‘isolation’ while also experiencing an unprecedented sense of closeness with our friends and neighbors on a global scale. We are collectively navigating shared confusion and uncertainty, but also shared desires — cravings for connection, community and some semblance of ‘normal’ as the entire world shifts around us. As a business owner, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at this situation through two different lenses: as the man who is a son, brother, friend and community member, and as the person making decisions that affect an intercontinental network of drivers, managers and clients who I’ve come to think of as my extended family.

In the midst of it all, I keep coming back to gratitude. Faced with so many colossal unknowns, I’m counting the things that feel real, solid enough to grab on to. I’m grateful to be where I am today. For everything I learned and saw during my 14 years as a police officer (and for the comprehensive PTSD treatment I got when those experiences caught up with me). I’m grateful to be the son of immigrants, to have had the opportunity to pivot into our family business when the timing was right, and to now be working so closely with my brother and sister as we carry our father’s legacy forward with the company he built. I’m grateful for my health, and for the health of all the people this company employs — well aware that these are not just givens in this time of crisis.

UrbanBCN Worldwide has joined the millions of businesses around the world facing unexpected hardships in the wake of the pandemic. There are a lot of questions, and no clear path that promises to carry us out the other side. But we are digging in. Staking our claim with the proclamation that we are not going anywhere, and more so, that we want to put down roots in an even more solid way.

Now more than ever, we feel compelled to connect with our community — to share our stories, and to hear yours. All the loudest voices are shouting (with reason) about ‘distance,’ but we’ve already seen over the course of this just how interconnected we are. How can we use that to make us stronger? We are here, together. Let’s build something bigger and better than before.

You’re going to be hearing more from us, and we hope that you’ll join the conversation. On behalf of myself, my brother Coby, my sister Hani, and the entire UrbanBCN Worldwide network, I hope you are healthy and supported wherever you are, and we look forward to serving you again, soon.

Dave Uziel, CEO

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