‘Glamping’ and #VanLife Goals

RV's seem like the obvious solution for post-pandemic summer vacationing, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the luxury travel experience.

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The idea that the open road is actually OPEN again is both thrilling and nerve-wracking. The desire to get out of the house and go *literally anywhere* is colored by the underlying knowledge that maybe it’s still not entirely safe to move about freely as we head into the glorious summer months. Indeed, the only thing the industry experts seem to be able to talk about lately is how the coronavirus pandemic is changing, or has permanently changed, the ways we travel. 


Zoom in to this exact moment: restrictions are finally lifting and your brain is basically just screaming WHAT NOW? WHAT NOW? as you consider the novelty of having options after so many months of sameness. It’s a potentially frantic dilemma, in answer to which we’d like to offer two words: ROAD TRIP.
We are not in any way indicating that the renaissance of this classic American pastime is our idea. A recent New York Times article pointed out that the numbers reflecting retail sales and rental bookings for R.V.s have been steadily climbing since May. And it makes total sense — taking to the road hits all the points for safety and accessibility that are huge considerations right now. True to the nature of private transportation, “when you rent an R.V., you’re getting a rental car, hotel, and more direct access to where you want to go.” 
Not to mention, we might add, a much more interesting experience along the way.


Being in the transportation industry, it probably seems only logical that we would champion this idea. However, we’re also going to go above and beyond to encourage and enable you in whatever ways we can. So first, some reasoning.
Recall the major factors everyone points to when discussing how to leave your house in the wake of the pandemic: 
1.  Maintain social distance
2.  Stay predominantly outdoors when circulating in groups.
3.  Prioritize privacy and small-scale transportation.
4.  Be intentional about your travel.
This is literally the road trip playbook, especially if your wheels are also your accommodations. With your own personal kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom set up, you’ll rarely, if ever, need to participate in public facilities should you choose to avoid them, and you have the flexibility to pivot on a whim, with no pressure to make or stick to a firm plan. 
Meanwhile, so many odes to the potential of ‘finding yourself’ while driving along the winding roads of your own country, even one as divided as ours currently feels. The 1982 book Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon comes to mind as both a timely and deeply eloquent example. There are also several sort of ‘boutique’ travel resources available these days, like Wildsam field guides, which provide a stunningly different perspective on how to experience the cities you might hit — by accident or design — during your journey. 
So, great. Ok. Now that we got ‘encouraging’ out of the way, let’s move on to the enabling part … 


If you’re not into the casual nature of a service like RVShare, and don’t want to commit to a full-fledged Airstream purchase (who even knows where to store those things?) we do have one excellent alternative to suggest. Back in March, suddenly having a lot of time to play with, CEO Dave Uziel began converting one of our fleet’s Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans into a compact tiny home on wheels. 

If you know anything at all about UrbanBCN Worldwide, you’re aware that we don’t dabble outside of the ‘luxury’ space. TRANSLATION: This isn’t your typical rolling beachside bungalow. Fully-equipped with modern accents and thoughtful, deliberate features, we’re building this thing out to be that opulent apartment you can’t wait to brag about but don’t actually want to invite anyone over to visit. Plus, it’ll take you anywhere you want to go — because that’s kind of our thing, right? National parks! Joshua Tree! Your grandma’s house (with no threat to her well-being!) It’s the home away from home that you NEED … especially since your actual living space is probably getting *pretty* old at this point.  


Meanwhile, embarking on an RV travel adventure doesn’t mean you’re committing to dusty highway motor lodge living — it can be far less ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ than you might think. Luxury RV parks are an incredible way to step out of your vehicle and into a variety of additional amenities that will make all the time you’re not in motion even more enjoyable. There are great options all around the country, whether you’re staying in California, hoping to catch the mind-blowing views at Zion National Park, wanting to be in proximity to Las Vegas without fully setting yourself up for a neon light show every night, or in search of some fresh air by the Colorado Rio Grande after months inside. Plus, this isn’t even factoring places like Napa Valley, which is basically an inclusive adult playground of things to see, do, eat and imbibe. And keep in mind, the smaller your vehicle, the more flexible your stopping choices can be. 
The caveat here is that our Sprinter is still in process. We are literally counting the days until she’s fully road-ready, but for now let this be a promise that something beautiful is coming to take your summer travel ambitions to the next level. 
And if you want to start making plans, we’re here and ready to discuss. Feel free to reach out via our website reservation form, by emailing info@urbanbcn.com, or call or text +1 415 494 8122.

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